Job opportunities for nurses are bountiful in The Aloha State. Median salaries for registered nurses in the four largest cities in Hawaii are high for example Honolulu is $72,220, in Hilo it is $68,264 in Pearl City nurses earn around $72,224 and in Kailua the average is $72,224 a year.

Out of the top 25 private sector employers in Hawaii, seven are hospitals or medical centers. Kapiolani Medical Center is the second largest private sector employer housing 5,000 employees, Queens Medical Center is the fourth largest with 3,500 employees,  Hawaii Health Systems is 5th with 3,400, St. Francis Healthcare System is 8th with 2,100, Kaiser Permanente Medical is 11th with 2,000, Straub Clinic is 12th with 1,900 and Kapi’olani Health is 24th with 1,200 employees.


Ten Largest Hospitals in Hawaii

  • Queen’s Medical Center
  • Kapiolani Med Ctr For Women
  • Hilo Medical Center
  • Tripler Army Medical Center
  • St Francis Medical Center
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center
  • Leahi Hospital
  • Wilcox Memorial Hospital
  • Hawaii State Hospital

Three Largest Cities in Hawaii

Hawaii Facts & Figues

  • 2012 Unemployment Rate: 6.3%
  • Unemployment Rank:  14 of 50
  • 2011 Per Capita Income: $43,053
  • Per Capita Income Rank: 17 of 50
  • 2011 Cost of Living Index: 165.8
  • Cost of Living Rank: 50 of 50

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